I think I must be nuts....

After going on the garden tour last weekend, I have decided that my flowerbeds need an overhaul. On top of that, I am thinking about putting in another one. One of my beds did not do so well this year. The only things growing in here are the tulips that you can't see this time of year, the creeping phlox, which isn't blooming this time of year, and the remnants of a rose that died and just came up from the root and will never bloom, it's just green sticks with leaves. Oh, and a bunch of weeds. Lovely, huh?

I am thinking a couple of peonies and some other perennials, or maybe some flowers that attract butterflies.
My daylilies are now in full bloom and they look good this year. This picture was taken last weekend before they really started blooming. I am happy with this bed, for the most part. It needs a few holes filled in, but the plants I have here will eventually get bigger, too. The lilac is only 3 years old and it will get much larger, and if I can figure out how to overwinter the wiegela so that I don't wind up cutting it back to the ground every year, it will get bigger, too, and maybe it will actually bloom like it is supposed to:)

I'm really not very good with landscape design, it is all trial and error for me.
Last weekend I moved a few plants around, probably not smart as it was really hot and it probably stressed them more than they should have been stressed. I also planted a couple of new things, too. We shall see how things do.
As for my quilt? Well, that is a project for this afternoon. I still have yet to cut the binding strips, piece them together and get them sewn to the quilt. Then I can sit down and hand stitch the rest.

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amandajean said...

good luck with all your landscaping! I vote for lots of peonies. they are so beautiful. :)