Is a border in order?

Do you think this quilt needs a border? And, if so, what color? It measures about 43.5 x 35 inches right now. Pretty small, but I am intending it to be like a toddler nap quilt sort of thing. I made this from the two moda "sanctuary" charm packs that I bought. I sewed squares together diagonally and cut them apart to make the diagonal blocks, then I sewed them together into pinwheel blocks. I would not recommend this method unless you are a real stickler for accuracy and get all the diagonals exactly the same. Some of my blocks were pretty wonky. It didn't go together too badly, but it is FAR from perfect.

I spent the better part of the day yesterday at my machine and cutting fabric. I also nearly have the top done for the quilt I am making my Mom for her birthday in the fall. I just have to even up the sides now and maybe do some embellishing. I cut different widths of strips the width of the fabric and sewed them together. Yes, I did plan it out on graph paper first. It is inspired by this sweet quilt by Leanne Beasley. I don't think I am goind to do as much hand embroidery as Leanne did, though.

I used fabrics that had this "mother and child" motif because it isi for my mom, she has always loved babies and small children.

I am considering another craft show in the fall, but I have reservations that it may be out of my league. The entry fee is $60 if I get my application in by the 15th of this month, otherwise it is $70. Seems a bit spendy to me, but I have only done the one show. There was barely any attendance and I made $54. It makes me wonder if I would make back the $60 at a bigger show, or if there would be so much other stuff better than mine, that mine wouldn't sell at all. It is so hard to say. What do you all think?


Katherine said...

Love the baby nap quilt you're making as well as the one for your mom. (I can see why Leanne's quilt inspired the one for your mom.)
I think a border would suit the baby quilt and show off the pinwheel blocks and it would make the quilt a little larger, which is never really a bad thing...

amandajean said...

love that strip quilt inspired by leanne's quilt (I know that quilt and have drooled over it many times myself!)

the Moda pinwheel quilt looks lovely as well. don't you just hate triangles? they certainly are tricky.