How was your day?

This is what the sky looked like for a good portion of the day yesterday.

This is what it did in my town. Along with several trees down, and a traffic light on Highway 15 (the one right by Hennen's Furniture, if you are familiar with the area.)

This was in Sauk Rapids which is only a few miles from us.

The wind was absolutely unbelievable! It ripped a sign by where I work right out of the ground and blew it away. I have no idea where it went. Thankfully we didn't sustain any damage at our house. I talked to a customer yesterday afternoon after the storms were pretty much over. He said he had a tree down and I asked him if it hit his house or anything, and he said "Nope, missed the house, missed the hot tub, hit the fence." I said at least of the three things it hit the least expensive to fix! LOL
I love storms, so it was all an adrenaline rush for me. LOL Beats sitting around work staring out the windows like most days.
How was your day?

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Kirsten said...

My exciting moment from yesterday was when the weather sirens went off and I still had a mile to walk on my way home. Boy did I boogie. Luckily I only got hit with some small hail but the skies certainly opened up later when I was home safe and sound.