How I spent my weekend....

Since this is what it looked like out my front window most of the day yesterday..

I decided it was a good day to hole myself up and sew all day.
I made this for my niece Claire for Christmas. One is coming soon for her sister Mady, only in different fabrics.

It's reversible...

With machine applique...

I honestly don't know which side I like better :) I love this black fabric with the bright colors on it.

I also finished this little project this afternoon.
I have no children, so my cats Sasha and Aeris are my "children". Yes, they get Christmas ornaments for the tree. Sad, maybe, pathetic, perhaps, but...hey...whatcha gonna do?
So last year I bought these little plaster ornaments, but with Jason being sick and all I never got them painted, so I finally painted them this afternoon. The other two, the ones for this year, all I had to do to them was take a Sharpie to them and put names and years on them. I bought them like they are. I have yet to put my tree up. I had kind of thought I would do it yesterday, but Claire's jumper took me a little longer than I thought it would to finish. Hopefully I'll get to it one night this week.


amandajean said...

ack! I LOVE Claire's jumper. it is so stinkin' adorable!!! and it's reversible, too? you are just too good!

we spent our weekend sick. ick ick ick.
Z is home from school today and parker is still in the thick of it. Little A had it Friday and is still recovering and extremely clingy. I had it yesterday and K went to church still, so I was flying solo in the child care dept. at least we should be done with this soon! and hey, I didn't have to go out in the nasty + cold weather!

Ashley said...

What amazing snow! Texas is still mid 60-70s during the day. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all.

Gorgeous work, as always. I'm going to send you a note on Etsy about the white dress. I think my DD needs it.