Why, oh, why?

Do I keep looking at things on line? I discovered a magazine that I might just have to pick up a copy or two. It is a Finnish children's clothing design magazine called Ottobre Design They have soooo many cute things! Really, the price is reasonable when you consider the amount of patterns that are in each issue.

I have lots of ideas boiling around in my brain for spring. I will have to get on the ball and get some of them done after the Holidays are over.

I want to say a quick thank you to those of you who volunteered to try out my new idea for Etsy. I now have enough volunteers for this trial run. I'll proceed with this come January. I appreciate your willingness to play along!

I just wanted to post a little reminder that the FA quilt drawing will be on Saturday. If you were thinking about donating, there is still a little time left if you want to donate on line. So far it has raised $195.00. Not too bad for a first try. I also haven't heard from my sister who was collecting donations from people that she works with. Hopefully that will put us up over the $200 mark. I may do this again sometime in the future. Next time I will be a little better organized, and hopefully that will lead to more donations. The first time trying something like this is always a little interesting.

I am beginning to come down with a cold, so I am going to turn in early tonight.
Hope you all have a good evening!


amandajean said...

hope you don't come down with the cold! I had a bad one last week...ugh.

I know all about the amount of projects that you would love to tackle vs. the amount of time to make said projects. (more than a little frustrating at times, no?)

Liana said...

lol. I know what you mean. That's exactly how I got back into sewing things....actually, I think this is the most I've EVER used my sewing machine!

Ashley said...

I hope your feeling better and un-coldish.

Ottobre is great. Sewzannes sells them and I have one and I've been able to do so much with one magazine. I just wish I could find some of the fabric they use, it's wonderful!