A few questions....

for those of you with kids. I am looking for ways to improve the kid's clothes that I make. My questions for you parents are

1. What is the most important thing that you look for when purchasing clothes for your kids? Is it durability, is it price, is it how easy it is to dress kids in, or how easily they can dress themselves, is it versatility? I know these all play a part, but what sells you on a piece of clothing?

2. Are there certain colors or fabrics that you are drawn to or avoid? Prints versus solids?

3. Are there certain styles that you are drawn to or avoid? Such as one piece outfits or two piece, overalls, snap crotch, pullover or button down, zippers, buttons, snaps?

4. Do you prefer to see coordinated sets or individual items that you can mix and match?

5. If you are buying a dress would you prefer to have bloomers with it?

6. Do you have any other words of advice for someone who designs kid's clothing? Something you'd like to see, but can't seem to find anywhere?

I appreciate all of your input and look forward to seeing your responses.
Thank you for the well wishes from my last post, I am feeling better, not quite 100%, but better.


Roxanne said...

Here goes Linda! (My daughter is almost 2 1/2 just to give you a better idea where I am coming from...)
1. Honestly, most important to me is price. Second durability.
2. I usually stop myself from buying white, unless it is pure white and can be bleached. Otherwise anything goes. I do like bright loud prints that I would never wear, but she can!
3. I tend to avoid one piece outfits or overalls because Sydney is really long in the body but has short legs so nothing seems to fit her right. Zippers, buttons, snaps all are good, but she hasn't really tried to hard to dress herself yet, so that might change. The snap crotch is kind of a pain when they are this age and starting to potty train.
4. Coordinated sets are really cute, but I love things that can mix and match.
5. Yes! I would prefer all her dresses to have bloomers. For her age, I would really prefer bloomers that weren't big and poofy and ruffly but some that just blended in the with dress. So they provided coverage and modesty with being obvious. (does that make sense?)
6. can't think of anything right now!

Hip Mama Crafts said...

Hi Linda,
E is 2 and I have to agree with Roxanne...
1. Price and durability
2. I am drawn to bright colors- pinks, blue (especially aqua), purple,green and I like to mix in brown.
3. E usually wears pull on pants and skirts, and pull over shirts. I think little buttons are hard especially now that she is so wiggly.
4. I definitely like mix and match
5. I like bloomers I think it finishes the outfit
6. I really like dresses. She wears one every sunday but sometimes the dress doesn't seem long enough.For summer I like the short "dresses" with longer bloomers. I like the pants with the little fabric ruffle on the bottom.
That's all I can think of if I think of anything else I let you know...

Amy Jo said...

Hey Linda!
My boys are now 8 & 6, so they may be a littl out of the age range your looking for, but I think I can remember from buying them clothes when they were younger.

1. Price. then durability.
2. Love stripes. Solids good in bold colors.
3. I always loved the snap crotch when they were younger. As soon as they got "mobile", no snaps - just pullon/over.
4. Definately mix & match.
5. boys. no dresses. :-)
6. More choices for boys clothing that don't have "stuff" on them.

Hope this helps!

Liana said...

durability first and then price and then look. a cheap durable outfit is nice, but if it looks like crap I probably won't enjoy looking at the child in it. I avoid one pieces and overalls simply bc of the time involved if potty or diaper breaks are needed. I like two(or more) piece outfits that I can mix and match. that's easy to put on them or depending on their age, is easy for them too. BLOOMERS!!! Love them! but not the poofy ones. just functional. poofy is annoying as lace dresses are IMO. oh yeah, colors...i like bright colors and prints.

Shelley said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog (love it!) but will answer your question the best I can. I have two girls, they are 5 and 1. I love to dress them in bright colors, no pastels. Loud prints are great. My 5 year old dresses herself in things that to me look like a clown outfit but she considers high fashion. Skirts or dresses are always layered over gymboree bike shorts or leggings at our house. I do not have "girly-girls" so that is a must! I think cute, non-matchy styles are great.

Shelley said...
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Kristin said...

You dont know me, but I do enjoy your blog!! Here are my answers :)

1. Price and durability trump everything else as far as the most important things that i look for. After that its versatility, especially in bottoms!

2. I absolutely love white, but unless the garment is 100% white (and can be bleached) I wont buy it. Color I love, and am drawn to just about anything that screams "whimsy" or "1950s" right now. Prints are great! Again "whimsy" and "1950s" win me over.

3. One piece outfits, overalls, pullover all favs :)

4. I absolutely love coordinating sets, but its hard to keep up with stuff. Mix and match works good. BUT - if you can create a one piece outfit that looks like its a big coordinating set, you'd be my hero ;) (maybe a full jumper with pants attached to the top & a dress-style top attached as well, so its like wearing a dress-shirt over pants, all in one)


6. I'd have to say cute clothes for kids over 5T. My daughter is getting into an 8 girls and its increasingly hard to find really sweet clothes like i could for the toddler clothes. I'd buy the same things! Just bigger