Something for Etsy, and the further adventures in pattern drafting...

I picked up 3 of these little bodysuits last summer on clearance and I just got around to figuring out what to do with one of them. I thought it turned out pretty cute. :) Nice quick little project for Etsy.

I started in on another outfit for Etsy today, too. I figured I'd better get geared up a little for spring. It also seems like things get listed so fast at Etsy that they get buried a bunch of pages down in a hurry. Something can go from being on the first page down about 50 pages in like 2 days. It's crazy!

The new outfit will be a "float" top and a pair of pants that are gathered and cuffed mid calf in a size 3t. The top is essentially a full circle gathered on to a high yoke and then has a ruffle around the hem. The fabric is wild and crazy, but that's what you all said you liked. ;) It is a bright, BIG, hot pink, red, yellow, green, white and black paisley and the pants are a sort of sqiggley hot pink and white stripe. I am fairly certain that my pattern modifications will be ok, but figuring out the full circle thing was kind of weird. Once I figured out a couple of things, then it started to make sense, and I think it will work ok. I just washed the fabric and I am waiting for it to dry, then I can iron it and start cutting out! Wish me luck! :)


Sarah said...

Everything that I have seen you make since I found your blog a few months ago is absolutely beautiful!! You are so very talented!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment Linda. And yes, I DO love days like that! :)

I somehow got to a page with your other blogs and saw that you were at one point considering adopting? My husband and I have always thought of adoption as a very possible option, and even more so as we are not getting pregnant (since our miscarriage last March). Even just thinking about starting the process is stressful. Not to mention the money issue. I never understood why they make it so expensive to adopt when these kids just need mommies and daddies who love them? Frustrating.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment! I don't really know a lot about blogger, so I don't know how else to write to you :)

Have a great night!