My weekend...

First off let me say thanks for the great suggestions for my niece's birthdays this year. I have some really good ideas now.

I spent saturday insulating water pipes in my basement, so not much crafting going on that day. It did feel good to get some of that done, though. I have a little more yet to do, but most of it is done. I really thought I would be a lot more sore than I am from climbing up and down the ladder, but I'm not too bad. :) I also now have a ladder! :) This means when the weather gets warm enough to open windows, I can paint my living room. I have been wanting to paint it for nearly 4 years.

Sunday I finished up a little pillowcase dress for Etsy. Another scrap usage :) I have yet to photograph it, but I will try to get it listed soon.

Saturday when I came upstairs for a little break, my kitties were sleeping on the couch. How cute is this picture!

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amandajean said...

it feels good to get some of those house things done, doesn't it? any you are going to have so much fun painting your living room. ahem. :)