I can't decide what to do for Lexi, Mady and Claire's birthdays this year. I will probably do the same for all three, or maybe something different for Lexi, but Mady and Claire's will probably be very similar since they are sisters. They all already have minky blankets, and several outfits. Lexi has a stuffed dog and a t-shirt from Christmas. I had thought about stuffed kitties for Mady and Claire. Lexi, is NOT a girly girl, so anything "girly" doesn't work for her. Her big thing is dogs. She loves dogs. She also kind of likes her dad's race car. She kind of likes to draw and stuff so I thought about this or this. I just don't know. For some reason they are getting harder to figure things out for, but I need to get myself together pretty soon, because one has a birthday in April, and one at the beginning of May. Claire isn't until October, so I have some time there, at least.
Anybody got any ideas? Mady will be 4, Alexa and Claire will both be 7 this year.


Em said...

I was going to give you the idea for the notebook pencil holder... but I see you already have that idea! Good luck! Em

stephanie said...

Oh, this is a great question. I have several young ladies in the same age range as well. In the past I have bought them seeds, a watering can, spade... all the things to plant a little flower garden. Also, JoAnn's has some neat kits for 6-8+ yrs old on how to crochet/knit little projects. I'm big on gifts that will get them to try something new. Maybe a cookbook for kiddos and you can make a sweet apron. One other idea - an embroidered bathrobe in their favorite colors. Can't wait to see other ideas; I'm running low!

Cindy said...

Those crayon rolls are easy! I also have a picture of another style of colored pencil / notepad holder and the link to make it here

I gave my niece and apron and some felt food. You can see a picture here and the link to the tutorial. I give the measurement changes in my post to make the apron smaller

I made my three year old a hooded towel for Christmas. That would be a cute gift with some bath stuff. My tutorial is here

I hope this helps!

Kristin said...

You have some great ideas! :) I need to make out my gift idea list for this year's birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Some things I might suggest:

~Personalized fabric lunch boxes & fabric napkins to match

~pillow-sized/shaped stuffed animals to sleep with or lounge with. (my girls love their puppy oversized puppy dogs that they sleep with as their pillows)

~zippered pouches in cute fabrics that hold their favorite treasures, or their markers, and such (my girls love theirs!)

Stop on by the blog sometime if you get a chance. I try to post new crafty ideas fairly often :)