Signs of life...

The weather has finally turned to spring here! I got out and did some yard work over the weekend. I pruned my willow bush a bit and thought these clippings were pretty, so I brought them in. I love the red stems that this bush gets. I am curious to see whether the little leaves open up or not or whether the clippings will begin to root. This plant is supposed to root very easily. If so I may wind up giving some away and planting some elsewhere in my yard. :)

I love the way the stems look in the water.

Now that the weather is warming up, I am walking to work when I can, so my blogging may be a bit more sporadic during the warm weather. It is about a 17 minute walk each direction. I typically blog in the morning or on my lunch break. Both of these are shortened by the walking so, therefore I may not have as much time to blog.

Just to catch you up on the current projects (even though I have no pictures of anything, lol), here goes. I just finished 43 table runners for the sister of a girl I work with. This lady owns a catering business and uses them for decoration on her tables. They were just simple polyester organza like pieces, cut selvage to selvage and I rolled the edges on my serger. Easy peasy, well, mostly. Cutting that stuff isn't fun, and she had already cut them and they were croookkeeeddd. Holy cow were they crooked! Needless to say the rotary cutter and ruler came out first.

I also hemmed some pants for a girl, not too exciting.

I finished a little birthday present for a special little girl who has a birthday next week. More on that when the little recipient has received it. ;0)

I started another birthday present for another little girl who has a birthday on sunday. Lexi. I am making her just a little easy short set.

I have plans for two more outfits in the next week or so, too. One for Etsy, hopefully and one for the Pfaff store to replace the blue one that sold right away. The one for Etsy is going to be a bit of an experiment for me. I am making it from some pretty dish towels that I found at Big Lots the other day. We will see how that goes.:0)

On another note, today is my silly booga's (aka Aeris) birthday. She is 3. We celebrated with tuna for both kitties. Since we don't know when Sasha's birthday is, but we got her in April, we celebrate hers, too. Her birthday is more likely sometime during the summer, June or July. She will be 11 this year. We got her 9 years ago.

I threw this box in the floor the other day, intending it for the recycling bin. Well, Sasha decided it was hers and has taken up hanging out in it.


amandajean said...

43 table runners? oy. and that was just the beginning of your list. your pics of the kitties made me laugh. especially that last one. and you have had Sasha for 9 years already??? I remember when you got her. boy, time sure flies.

AJ said...

What a great idea keeping the clippings for decoration, and your cats are adorable.

Randi said...

Our kitty loves boxes too! Christmas is her favorite holiday since it also includes piles of paper! ;)