I'm back

Actually I didn't go anywhere, I have just been too busy to post. I figured I'd better get caught up!
Yesterday was my niece Kayla's 20th birthday. I was there at the hospital the day she was born. It hardly seems like it was 20 years ago! To celebrate her birthday, I made her a "Turning Twenty" quilt. I mailed it off last week and she received it on Monday. She was thrilled with it.

Did I mention that I am in love with my new slopers? I have so many ideas for how to use them! Here is the first thing that I have made with them. Hopefully I can get my niece Alexa to model this for me and get some better pictures. I also have a dress planned that I want to make with them.

I also started working on some skirts for Etsy for the Christmas season. I have about 11 of them planned, we will see how many actually get finished. LOL
Here is the first one. They will all be the same style, but just different sizes and fabrics.

I have also been doing a major overhaul of my website. Stay tuned for the re-release of that sometime in the next couple of weeks. I am about half finished with it. There is still a lot more work to do, though. Website upkeep is just so time intensive.

I thought I'd throw this picture in, too. Do you remember the coffee table I got a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale? It has the glass tiles in it and my cat cannot figure it out. We laugh so hard at her. I had to get a picture this morning. She can't figure out that her mouse is on top of the table. LOL


Taryn said...

Love the outfits! They're looking great. I used to have a glass dining table that my kitty couldn't figure out either, and it kept us laughing!!

Natasha said...

Too funny about the coffee table! I love your quilt-I have that pattern and really want to give it a go, time seems to get in the way!

amandajean said...

I'm glad that Kayla loved her quilt. it looks fabulous!

and K and I were laughing about your kitty and the glass table.