Holy scrapamoley!

I went to visit my incredibly creative friend Amanda on Thursday and became inspired to try and do something with my scrap fabric. So I came home on Friday and dumped them on the coffee table. Keep in mind that this table is 3.5 feet square and this wasn't even all of my scraps.

It got worse before it got better, LOL!

Apparently they make a good kitty napping place. ;)

So.... Where do I go from here?

Back to my day sewing with Amanda...
We had such a nice time. We both had quilts to work on, although I'd bet money that she will be done with hers before I am done with mine, even though mine is considerably smaller. And yes, I did use the orange border for the fishy quilt.
It was really nice to be able to catch up with Amanda and her family. We have been friends for a long time and don't get the chance to see each other as often as we used to. Thanks for having me down Amanda!


amandajean said...

first off, I love your title for this post. secondly, you DO have a lot of scraps. you certainly weren't kidding! thirdly, it was so very wonderful to have you down. I enjoyed every minute of it. :) it sure went way too quickly.

Shanna said...

I understand the scrap madness!! Went through the same cleansing process not that long ago...now for a project to use all my random scraps! Love the fishy quilt too. The orange border is great, brightens the whole center!

Kristin said...

Those scraps look so tempting to play in! Can't blame the kitty for taking advantage of a cozy place to be too lol! :) Fun!

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