Beware the Raviollies.....

that is what I almost named this quilt. I purchased some pre-cut squares from a fabric store which shall remain nameless. They were done up in packs called "raviollies". I THOUGHT I was saving myself some time by purchasing pre-cut squares. Well.... Lets just say that whoever cut these has a very loose interpretation of what 5"x5" means. They were awful. Some of them were as far out as about 4.5 by 5 and an eighth. Not only that, but the corners were anything but square. I had to re-cut all of them to a uniform size. What a pain. I do have to say that I am pleased with the finished quilt, but it wound up taking a lot longer to do than I had thought. I LOVE the intensity of the colors in the batiks. I have never worked with batiks before, but I really love the effect it gives. I was worried that it was going to be sort of too much going on with all the different colors and designs in the fabrics, but I love the way the squares just sort of blend into each other even though some of them are very different. I used a peacock blue thread to quilt it with and did lots of swirls. This was made for my MIL for Christmas and her birthday which is in early January. My husband even did a little bit of the free motion quilting on it. His Mom got a kick out of that. With a little coaching he did quite well at it. :0)

And Boogie (aka Aeris) helped with the binding. LOL

And fell asleep in the job!


amandajean said...

oh, linda! it's beautiful!!! i bet she LOVED it! sorry to hear that the raviollies were a pain. that's the worst!

hope you had a merry christmas, friend.

Taryn said...

Love it!! It looks great!