I can finally share these pictures with you! I had to wait until the contest entry deadline before I could post them.
I made this outfit for the Haute Couture for Kids challenge. The challenge was to design an outfit using buttons, zippers, applique and the color red. Here is what I came up with. Many thanks to Jacqueline and her beautiful daughter Amanda for the pictures!

I have been busily working away at Christmas gifts this last week. I have been working on the sweater for my niece. So far so good, but not much to take pictures of yet.
I also made these little aprons this weekend for my nieces Mady (4) and Claire(7) for Christmas. I am really pleased with how cute these turned out! I am considering making some to sell on Etsy or my website. What do you think? They don't take much fabric and go together very fast if you have a serger. I heart my serger! I made the neck strap adjustable so that they will hopefully fit them for quite a while, too. I am also sending them a little cookbook to share.

Ok off to work on the sweater some more....


AJ said...

The aprons are adorable! I'm sure they will love them.

amandajean said...

the outfit turned out so great! I love the zipper detail on the skirt. the aprons are so good, too, especially as a gift with a cookbook!