Just dropping in....

for a quick post. Seems like things are just sort of crazy this time of year. Today is my DH Jason's birthday. We will be going out to eat tonight together and then with his family on Sunday.

My sister-in-law, Mary, had emergency bypass surgery yesterday in Texas. It seems that she is doing well, and for this we are very thankful.

Between, birthday and Christmas shopping and work and house cleaning. I haven't really had time to sit at my sewing machine since Sunday. I did work on the sweater that I am trying to knit for my niece a little bit on Monday evening, and I calculated how much fabric I need for a new quilt idea last night. This one will be a gift for someone, so I can't say much more about it until after Christmas because the person it is for stops in once in a while and reads this blog. Blogging is rather hard this time of year. LOL

I finished the outfit for the Haute Couture for Kids challenge and had it modeled and got the pictures back, so I will be listing that on ebay toward the end of the month. I can't post any pictures quite yet because the contest has not started yet and I can't give sneak peeks. I don't really expect to win or anything, but it was a fun challenge.

Oh, and does anyone have a link to a really cute, girly, kids apron tutorial? I am thinking of these for my nieces who live in Texas this year for Christmas. I could draw a pattern myself, but I am feeling lazy. :0)

I gave the little fish quilt to the girl I made it for this week and she loved it. I didn't even know, but she did the whole nursery in underwater themed stuff! Who knew?


amandajean said...

happy birthday to J!!!

and how PERFECT that the fishy quilt matched the nursery. you must be thrilled!!!

Taryn said...

That's great that the quilt fit in with the theme of the nursery.

My daughter made an apron for herself last year using a coordinating pot holder for the front (we picked one with a pocket) and dish towel to hang down. She gathered the dishtowel and then sewed it to the pot holder. Then she gathered some cute ribbon along the bottom edge and along the front where the pot holder and dishrag joined together to hide the seam. She left the ribbon long and ungathered on the sides for the ties in the back and put ribbon ties at the top. (I hope that all makes sense.) I'd be glad to send a picture so that you can better see what I mean. Just let me know. They whip up really quickly. :0)

Holly said...

Randi at I Have To Say has a cute little girl's apron tutorial: