Home sick...

I decided to stay home from work today. I don't feel really horrible, but I am getting a cold and figured that they probably didn't want me sharing my germs. It isn't often that I call in to work. I had some breakfast and a little hot tea. Crimson Berry, I tried it for the first time today. I enjoyed it a great deal. I think I'll have some soup for lunch later.

Since I was home, I figured I would make a blog post and show you some of the things that I have brewing. I have this skirt that i started. It is completely from my stash. It is almost done and I am really excited to see how it is going to turn out. It is going to be really, really full. The bottom tier is nearly 28 feet around. LOL I used two width of fabric pieces with the selvages trimmed off for the top tier, four for the second tier, and eight for the third. It took FOREVER to gather and pin it. Two evenings to just gather the bottom tier. I have decided it might be time for a ruffler foot. LOL

These are the fabrics that I bought for Mady's birthday dress. I am using my new Feliz pattern (Farbenmix/Studio Tantrum) for it. The underdress will be the red polka dot and the blue will be the front of the overdress and the yellow will be the sides. The ruffles in the back will be both the blue and yellow fabrics. I bought the red a while back from Mill End. Because there were some flawed places in the printing, I got almost 7 yards for the price of 4! :)
There are some lovely examples of this pattern finished here, here, here and here
I can't wait to get started on it! :)

I also decided to participate in the Haute Couture for Kids 3rd Annual Runway Launch. I bought 6 yards (the rest of the bolt, LOL) of this fabric to make something for that with.

I love the silver glitter in in. I think I will be making a dress from it. It will be modeled by Whitney from Petite Cover Girls. Her sister Amanda modeled my last set.

Ok, I think I will go and lay down for a while now.
See ya later!

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amandajean said...

i hope you are feeling better soon! i'd be interested to know how a ruffle foot works...