Messing with the GIMP

Lately I have been playing around with GIMP. I have been looking for backgrounds and textures and graphics to use with my auctions and such. Problem is, most of the ones I find have stipulations that they cannot be used for anything other than personal scrapbooking pages. That doesn't help me. SO, I decided to mess around with GIMP and see what I could come up with. I think it turned out pretty cool so far. I threw some pictures in from Jason's brother and his wife's visit last summer. The hard part is making all the little flowers and decorative gizmos to go along with the paper. The papers are easy. So far I've made a flower and a button. LOL What do you think?

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famr_4evr said...

That looks so great. I've wanted to learn to use GIMP. I have it down loaded and all I've done with it is crop pictures and fix the coloring. Once you are a pro, you'll have to do a tutorial.