Monkey Cake!

First of all I have to apologize for the recent lack of posting here at the blog. I've been rather sickly for the last month or so and therefore have not accomplished much, nor felt like blogging that much. Darn winter colds.... blech.

We have some friends who have a little boy who recently had a pseudo birthday... he's a leap day baby. We meet at their house for our small group for church every week, so the last one before his birthday I took this cake so we could have some birthday cake for him. He's just turning two, and was a little confused that it was a monkey and a cake at the same time. He was a little concerned when we started cutting into it. Once he realized that it was cake, then he was fine. :)

I did also finish an appliqued dress with lollipops on it that I sold on ebay in my first go round, which, to me, was AMAZING!

I'm slowly getting back into the sewing room and beginning to work on some other things. I just haven't had a lot of time and when I have had the time, I have not had the energy. Hopefully I can shake this darn cold and get back to myself soon.

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randi said...

Cute cake AND super-cute dress!

I do hope you feel 100% soon! :)