Meet Tifa....

This was not part of the plan... After losing Sasha a few weeks ago, we were settling into being a one cat household. We had no plans to get a new kitten and were content to just have Aeris and that was all. Then.... in walked Tifa. My co-worker found her outside the bank one morning last week. She was so tiny and dirty and hungry and all scuffed up that I couldn't help but take pity on her. Soooo off to the vet we went. Made sure she was healthy, got some parasites taken care of, and now, well I guess we have two kitties again. It was touch and go with Aeris for a few days, but now it seems as though they will work it out and at least be able to live at peace with each other.
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1 comment:

Taryn said...

I also have a new kitten in my home. She was unplanned too. Found her in a parking lot climbing into the engine of a truck and couldn't leave her there (I just knew she would get run over.) But, I have to admit I am loving watching her playful kitty-ness. I'm sure you're enjoying the same at your house. :0)