The power of a quilt...

I have thinking lately about the power that something as simple as a quilt holds.

I was folding one of the many quilts that I have in my living room. This particular quilt was one that I had made for my mom as a birthday gift a few years ago. Some of you know that my mother passed away earlier this spring. On my last visit to see her, just a few days before she passed away, as she was lying in her bed at the nursing home, she was covered by this quilt. My mother was very weak at the time and could hardly speak and was only partially aware of what was going on around her. I said to her "I see they have your quilt here that I made you". She didn't speak but, her eyes lit up just a bit and she just smiled and shook her head yes. It was obvious that it meant a lot to her to have it there. It isn't a big quilt, it wasn't a difficult quilt to make. It just a simple gift made with love.

My dear friend Amanda has mentioned how she was given a quilt as a child when her mother passed away and what a special memory that is for her.

I have an Amanda-made quilt that was given as a birthday gift a few years ago. Every time I look at it I remember our friendship and many of the good times we had in the past together.

A few years ago I made a quilt for a fundraiser. One lady donated to the fundraiser even after the quilt had been given away already. After conversing with her a bit and realizing that her daughter deals with many of the same issues my niece does because they both share the same genetic disorder, I was moved to finish a different quilt for her daughter. I mailed if off to her as a surprise. She was very touched.

I have a quilt in my living room that I made for myself. The colors remind me of a trip that my husband and I took to Cancun a few years ago.

Quilts can remind us of days past. Quilts can bring comfort to the sick, dying and brokenhearted. They remind us that someone cares about us and is thinking about us. They are both utilitarian and works of art. The art of quilting brings generations together.

So, to all my quilting friends... be encouraged. Sometimes we tend to belittle our own work. We say, "what, my quilt? You should see the ones that so and so makes... they are so much better". Know that your work is powerful and that those who receive them are most likely more touched than you know, even if all your stitches and corners are not perfect.


Gramma Roxanne said...

Thank-you Linda for the encouragement ~~I am not an expert quilter by any mean. Really I have done a few quilts but it would probably freak "real" quilters out. Living where I do I have to teach myself and pick up little hints here and there from friends and family (when I see them)! am working on a quilt now for one of our little grand-daughters. I know the grandchildren love the quilts even if they are not very professional! God's blessings upon you Roxanne

amandajean said...

this is such a great post, linda. so true.

randi said...

this is a lovely post. the quilt i am making right now is giving me fits, but i want to give it to my mom for a gift. this reminds me that the love that goes into it is so much more important the the perfect corners, seams and stitches!