Sewing with Amanda

Yesterday and today I got to spend some time with my dear, long time friend, Amanda Jean! Amanda and I rarely get the chance to sew together so this was great fun for both of us. We spent some good time at her house sewing and catching up. I always come away inspired to try something new when she and I get together. I also got to see a bit of a sneak peek into some of her upcoming surprises! Might I say everyone is in for a treat when she finishes these!

Amanda's sweet little daughter is already planning their next trip to our house when they will have pizza and M & M cookies and we will play Memory. :) She is just too cute.

For a project I pushed myself a little bit and finally finished my "One A Day" quilt-a-long top. Yay! I had the nine patch blocks finished a long time ago, but just never got it all put together. It took a little longer than I expected to finish, but I got it done just in the nick of time before I had to leave. Amanda graciously offered to pin baste it for me. She knows all the crawling around in the floor is murder on my knees. :) It's not the greatest picture since I had to take it with my phone because I forgot my camera, but here is the finished quilt top. I made mine a little smaller than the instructions called for. The thought of trying to quilt a big quilt on my little machine scares me. LOL

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amandajean said...

i'm so glad that you took time out of your schedule to come down and see and sew with me! it was lovely to sew with you again! i have your quilt sitting right behind my computer. (still unbasted.) it's on my list, though. and someday it WILL be done. :)