Bloggers Quilt Festival

I decided to join in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. This is one of my favorite quilts that I have made. I made this for my MIL a couple of years ago for Christmas/Birthday (her birthday is in early January). I really fell in love with the batik fabrics that I used. I love the intensity of the colors. I also love that my sweet DH tried his hand at a little free motion quilting since the quilt was for his Mom. He didn't do a lot of the quilting, but did just a little bit. :) My MIL is such a wonderful person and really loves things that are sort of fun and random so I thought this fabric and quilt would really suit her. She's a great inspiration to me.


amandajean said...

it's a beautiful quilt! you did a very nice job! i still love it that J tried to do some stippling on it. :)

QuiltSue said...

What a great quilt. Would you like to become my DIL too? I really love that your DH had a go at the quilting too, that was a wonderful idea.

Quiltbenaco said...

I colori sono spettacolari!
Ciao Domenica