Having fun...

That's what crafting and sewing and all is all about isn't it? Sometimes I have just felt soooo stressed with deadlines and this project and that project and gotta get this done and that done that I sort of miss out on the fun of it all. My goal this year is just to try and have fun with each project and not stress about deadlines. At least as much as possible.

Kool Aid dyeing was fun! It was really fun. Here is a picture of one of the balls of yarn after it was all dry and rolled into a ball.

And here is a picture of the project I started knitting with it. This project will be a gift for someone special later this year.

I love how the colors just blend together randomly. The funniest part of it all is that I used cherry, orange and lemonade, so the yarn smells like fruit punch. LOL.

I have two more skeins of sport weight yarn to do. I plan to do these in blue, green and purple. It will be fun to see how they turn out. I haven't decided what to make with them yet, though. Any suggestions? I have a total of 200 grams.

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