Hi. My name is Linda. I'm addicted to Kool-Aid...

Well, at least to using it to dye yarn. I don't really care to drink the stuff, myself. LOL
I found some great instructions online that showed me how to do it. It is so very quick and easy!
I purchased undyed superwash merino from knitpicks.com It is super soft and looks to be really nice yarn.
I did discover, though through my first attempt that I needed much more dye than I thought. I only used 4 packets on the first try. I also realized that I probably squeezed a little too much of the water out as the colors didn't run quite like I expected them to. I put this right into the dish and colored it while in the dish. While much neater and not nearly as messy, I found it hard to get the color to saturate through all the layers well.

So on the second batch I didn't squeeze as much water out. I then tried spreading it out on plastic on the counter to color it and then transferred it to the dish. Much messier, but I like the results much more. I discovered that the red and orange go a long way! I could have probably used less of them and more of the yellow. I used 4 packets of each for this one. I am excited about how the colors ran together better on this one. Whilst trying to keep the mess to a minimum and keep my white kitten from dying herself orange, I did not manage to get a picture of this step, LOL.

I can't wait for these yarns to dry and to stitch them up into something! :) I'll post pictures of the skeins once they are dry.

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