Feeling the need for a challenge

A while back I joined Craftsy.com.  I soon saw "The Bombshell Dress" class by Sew Retro and I really wanted to take it.  But alas, after finding out what sizes it comes in, I realized that it does not come in a big enough size for me.  :(  I was relishing the challenge of making something that was a more difficult pattern and more of a couture design.  I was hoping to learn some new skills that I could then turn around and use in my MCM sewing.  Might have to get a book or something to learn those things now.

Disappointed in finding that I am too large for this dress and frustrated at my own largeness, I went on a pattern shopping mission.  That too was frustrating.  I am just proportioned weird and it was hard to guess what size I really needed.  I came home empty handed.

To that end, I have decided that I really would like to make a duct tape mannequin of myself and try draping my own fabrics and designing something that might actually fit me right.  I have watched a few youtube videos on draping and it seems like it might be a fun challenge.  And well, if I lose some weight, it won't be hard to make another duct tape mannequin later on.  I think I have enough pattern altering skills, that if I am able to get a basic sloper of myself, then I think I could come up with some things that might actually work.

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