So I Went to a Wedding Yesterday...

I went to a wedding yesterday.  A friend of ours and his lovely bride had a beautiful, yet simple wedding in their new home yesterday.  It was a lovely gathering of family and friends.  But the seamstress in me could not be contained. There was a little girl there who was wearing a fabulous little sundress.  It was such a simple design, but yet it was just pretty no matter what she was doing.  It had just the right amount of fullness and fluff to hang nice and be very feminine and yet casual at the same time.  I studied this dress the whole afternoon as the little one was running about and playing in the yard after the ceremony.  I simply HAD to figure out how to make one.  I'm kinda crazy that way. And, besides that, I have ALWAYS been a sucker for little girls in sundresses.  They are my favorite. :)

It was similar to this at the top, but it was much, much fuller and ruffled at the bottom.

So I came home and put my brain to work. In my horribly messy sewing room.

Approximately an hour later I came up with this.  It took a little calculating and going to the internet for formulas for figuring radius and circumferences and such.  I can never remember those. :)  
The design is based on a half circle pattern.  I realized that making it straight would not have allowed me the fullness that I was looking for.  I am hoping I got it right. It didn't look like it was a full circle.  

The plan is to make it out of these fabrics.  Aren't they awesome?!  I love the colors. 

 I also have some cherry themed fabrics that would be really cute in this design, too.  

This is definitely high priority on my project list.  :)

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