UFO Invasion!

OK, not really...
One of my biggest downfalls with sewing and any sort of crafting is that I tend to abandon projects before they are finished.  Sometimes I actually have a good reason, and other times I just get bored or I get a new crazy idea that I MUST follow.  LOL.  For whatever reason, the drawers and cabinets in my sewing room are littered with unfinished projects.  Some, I am embarrassed to say were started many years ago.  It's no exaggeration to say that I have dozens of UnFinished Objects.  I realized that I would have a lot more space in my sewing room if I just finished some of them up and got them out of the way.  I was mentioning this to my friend as I was visiting with her one day.  She tends to be a "finisher".  She challenged me to write them all down (HA!) and put them in a jar or bowl and just pull one out each time I have time to sew and work on it.  While I have not gone that far, I HAVE been inspired to finish some things up.  My challenge to myself is to work on 3 old projects to every new one.  Hopefully that will keep me from going nuts with all this old stuff and having so many ideas for new things. :)  I am also trying to use stash as much as I possibly can as my budget right now is a little slim.

Sooo here is some of what I have been working on.  

I finished up this little rag blanket a week or so ago.  This was started just a little over a year ago.

The past weekend's project was a little larger project.  It was started about 5 1/2 years ago, I'm ashamed to say.  It was started with good intention to follow through (as most of my projects are, LOL), but I ran into issues.   I started it before I owned a quarter inch quilting foot for my machine and then received one for Christmas and began using it.  As a result the blocks began turning out all different sizes and I gave up 4 blocks into a 12 block quilt along.   Soooo.... this weekend I picked stitches.  

I had to re-sew most of one block and part of another.  The other two I was able to get away with just trimming them down.  I also completed the rest of the blocks for this project, but I didn't have time to take a picture of them.  Now I have to decide how to set them as I don't have enough of these fabrics to set them like the instructions say to set them.  I may use them along with some redwork embroidery blocks that I have half finished since all of the blocks are red and white.  Kill two birds with one stone so to speak. :)

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