A Pillow for Myciah

A while back a friend asked me to create a pillow from a very special sweatshirt.  My friend's granddaughter Myciah Rose passed away at 6 weeks of age from SIDS.  Every year on her birthday they do something special to remember her.  The sweatshirt was from one of those events.

My friend says that when she sees a white butterfly she is reminded of her precious girl, so when I found this fabric with the pink background and the white butterflies, I knew that it was the fabric that I had to use to border the pieces from the sweatshirt.

To make the shirt I cut the design from both the front and the back of the shirt and then basted it down to a base fabric that was not stretchy before I put the pink borders on.  

I installed an invisible zipper in the top so that the cover can be washed if needed.


Gemini Jen NZ said...

Sweet story, how lovely to help make a precious memento for the family. Great job!

Karen said...

You did a wonderful job on this very special commemorative gift. I am sure all you special details made it even more special for the dear mother. You are a kind friend!

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