Pass the Marmalade...

A few weeks ago I joined in for a sew along at SewCanShe.  It was a simple log cabin block sew along.  The blocks were to have 3 logs on each side and finish at 4.5 inches before being sewn together.  (You should go check out the winner,  simply stunning!)

I happily delved into my stash and came up with several fat quarters and quarter yard pieces that I had at one point grouped to use together.  Some of them were from the same line of fabrics and then there were a few additions from my stash.

I cut lots and lots of 1 inch strips and lots and lots of 1.5 inch centers.  I cut enough centers for 150 blocks.  I had in mind to make a small lap sized quilt.  I even had a recipient in mind, which is uncommon for me. LOL.

Well somewhere along the way I misjudged how much fabric I needed or there was more waste than I thought, or something... because after adding two logs to each side of 150 blocks, I came to the realization that there was NO WAY I was going to be able to finish them all with the amount of fabric I had left. In fact, I was no where near being able to finish that many.  Really, only about 25-30 were going to be able to have all the rounds of logs.

Now, it has been a few years since any of these fabrics were on the shelves anywhere, so I knew finding more was out of the question. Bummed, but still trying to be resourceful, I tried to decide what to do.  I still wanted to participate in the sew along, but that meant that at least one block had to be the proper finished size.  So I thought some more and decided to finish 25 blocks and make a wall hanging from them and use the rest of the blocks to make a runner for the top of my piano.

I worked on squaring up  the little blocks a few nights ago, but I got bored with them.  This is a common occurrence for me as I will share in an upcoming post.  I think I will need to do this in small doses until I have them all squared up.  I still have this many left to do.

So, because I got bored with it and I still had some sewing time left, I decided to look into my one of my UFO bins and see what was lurking in there begging to be finished.  I found these little drunkard's path blocks that I had cut out and played around with a couple of years ago.  They never became a full sized project because I got tired of cutting out the pieces. (Imagine that!)   I sewed them up into blocks and then sewed them up into this little piece.  I think I will use it for a throw pillow.  My living room needs some color!  The pink scraps I used are left over from various projects.  One of them isn't even finished and yet I no longer have any scraps from it!  Like I said.... I get bored easily. :)

What are you working on this week?  I'd love to hear about it!

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ShirleyC said...

I love the Drunkard's Path design, and all of the different combinations you can come up with using it.