Orange Marmalade

I finished my little project for the quilt a long with Sew Can She.  I came in just under the wire as the finished project needed to be posted by tomorrow.  :)  I had to deviate from my original plan to make a lap size quilt when I realized that I had severely miscalculated the amount of fabric that I would need.  Instead I made a small wall hanging. I am loving the play of orange and green with the lighter fabrics!

I was constructing the blocks in a sort of chain piecing method when I realized that I was going to run out of fabric way too soon. I had all but the last round completed on all of 150 blocks when I realized that it just was not going to happen.  SO.... I have 125 smaller blocks that I am going to square up and use to make a matching runner to put on the top of my piano.  More on that at a later date, LOL. :)

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