My Dirty Little Secret

Today I am letting you in on my dirty little (ok not so little) secret.   There are UFOs  in my closet, and in my storage drawers, and in my cabinets... not the ones with the little green guys, but this kind....
UnFinished Objects.  And not just a few, either.... lots of them.  These are just the sewing projects... I didn't even include the knitting and crochet and other crafty endeavors... I'm not even sure I got all the sewing projects.... LOL.  

For years I have chastised myself for having UFO's hanging about.  Some of them for years at a time... Some of these even moved from my apartment to my house.... We moved in 2004.  I beat myself up for not finishing things in a reasonable time frame.  I thought of it as a lack of self discipline, I saw it as wasteful, I considered it some sort of failure on my part for not following through.  

I believe that at least a part of my self-judgement about this comes from hanging around the blogosphere.  Reading other people's blogs where they seem to just have it all together, living in a perfect little world where crafting takes center stage and every project turns out beautiful and is finished in record time.  Anyone else ever felt that way?  

Let's get real... no one REALLY lives like that, do they??? Because if they do, I want to know their secret....  

Granted, I am probably worse than a lot of people when it comes to flitting from one project to another.  I tend to see a "shiny" new project and go hopping down the bunny trail... But wait... isn't that part of the fun and the joy of being creative?  

That being said, I AM on a mission to reduce the number of UFO's buzzing around my home.  There is a joy, also to seeing a project come to completion.  

I have also decided, however, that there really is no need to chastise myself for unfinished projects.  I will get to them eventually and if I don't, it's really ok, because I learned something from each one.   It's a little about embracing who I am.  I have such a limited amount of sewing time that I want to relish as much of it as I can.  Why should I spend it in what feels like drudgery just because I "need" to finish the project in front of me that I am currently bored with?  If I come back to it another time, it will be fresh and interesting again and it will be enjoyable then. 

So, all of that to say that if you are a little  (or a lot) like me, it's ok.  I give you permission to explore the bunny trials and see what lies there.  Your old friends will be waiting for you when you return.  I promise, they won't hold a grudge, and neither will I. 

Happy trails.... :)  

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I am not a blogger. Just a quilt blog addict, and fellow limited time sewer. I am procrastinating working on a "have to" project right now (costumes for daughter's dance groups) by blog hopping and happened upon your blog. Just wanted to give you a YeeHaw! You are right, all those perfect bloggers who finish things in days live in a different world. Enjoy finishing what you want, put the rest back in the bins. We do this for FUN not for medals or pay. You are the best judge of your success. Have a great Saturday!