The Office Olympics

Just a short post for Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.  

So, one of my co-workers is in Sochi, Russia right now.  His daughter is playing on the US Women's Hockey  team.  All of us back here stateside have been rooting for Anne Schleper, even before she became part of the US team.  I am blessed to work in an place where people like to have fun.  We actually have a "Fun Committee" who comes up with all sorts of fun activities for us to do.

This month, in honor of Anne, we have the "Office Olympics".  Complete with a flag making competition and presentation, a chia pet growing and styling competition, a paper airplane flying competition and a chili cook off.  Closing ceremonies will happen after hours next Thursday which is the day that the US will hopefully be playing Canada in the gold medal round for the women's hockey competition.

I was in charge of our team's flag, so I spent the weekend doing appliqué.  Our team name is "Dynamic Duo2" (as in squared).  Hence, the square rings and the red square in the middle.

So here is my finish for the week.


ChristaQuilts said...

How cool is this??

Sara said...

Super fun!! Good luck to your friend!

Mrs. D said...

That is awesome!!

ShirleyC said...

What a fun place to work! Your flag is awesome!

amandajean said...

Nice work, friend! Your flag turned out amazing! Also, how cool is it that your workplace has a fun committee?!?

Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!