End of the First Quarter - 2014 Goals - Where am I?

The first quarter of this year flew by for me as far as my crafting and blogging activities.  I can hardly believe that we are almost halfway into April already! 

With the end of the first quarter, it's time for me to recheck my goals for 2014 and see where I am.... 

For The Merry Church Mouse:
1. Create a multi sized PDF pattern and make it available here on the blog.   -in progress
2. Explore my creativity by creating 6 completely different flips all from the same pattern.  -has been revamped to 5.  1 dress done, 4 more to go. 
3. Finish specific UFOs - dresses already cut out, strawberry feliz, and red, white and blue vida. - Finished strawberry feliz, red, white and blue vida and one of the other dresses that was already cut out.  Still a few more to go.  I'll post more about these if we ever have a nice day that isn't super windy so that I can get some pictures. LOL

For my quilting:
1. Finish at least 6 unfinished quilts. -LOL, enough said
2. Have at least 50 completed hexi flowers for my hexi quilt finished. -Ditto above
3. Begin work on a quilt for my niece, Lexi. -about half the fabric is cut into squares
4. Continue to use up scraps. -using scraps and stash fabrics for block of the month quilt a long

1. Blog at least 4 times per month. -check! :)
2. Finish a post which I have already started writing with a pattern that I would like to share. -have not even touched this. 

So, I would say I'm not doing too bad.  I still need to get on the ball with these quilts and get them done.  I have at least 4 that don't have a whole lot more that needs to be done.  It's just making myself do it.  I'm not a fan of the sandwiching stage, which is where I am right now with several of them.  

Did you set goals for this year?  How are you doing with yours? 

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