How to Mix and Match Print Fabrics for Sewing : Part 3

Thanks for joining us here again for this fun series.  We are looking at mixing and matching print fabrics. If you missed the first two parts, you can find them at the links below and get up to speed with where we will pick up today.  

Making Choices for a More Bold Look

Today, lets look at some bolder pairings that will spice it up a bit.  For me, yellows, golds, oranges and hot pinks are very eye catching colors.  Using these colors will really punch up the look of your garment.   Notice that the swatch in the lower left corner once again echoes the centers of the dark pink flowers by using the orange and pink together.  Contrast between light values and dark values also add to the visual impact of these fabric combinations.  The gold dots in the center of the bottom row are really a medium value, but because it is an eye catching color, it really belongs with these bolder fabrics.  

Just so you can see that it really doesn't have to just be dots, here are some other pairings.  In these I picked up on the orange a little bit as well as the darker pink.   

So what if you really want to get crazy with it?  You could even do something like this.  The two prints on the ends are very similar in scale and feel and have many of the same colors, but they are broken up with this dot fabric in a color that appears in both prints.  Having a third print that is smaller in scale and more monochromatic gives the eye a place to land.  Without it, the two fabrics would compete for attention, but with it, the fabrics are drawn together and make sense. You will also notice that there are three different fabric values here, a light a medium and a dark.  This also helps transition from one fabric to the next.   

Bold pairings can sometimes present the biggest challenge, but they can also really pay off when done well. Don't be afraid to experiment and play with different sets of fabrics.  You might surprise yourself! 

Join us again next week when we explore some pairings that don't work and why they are not good choices.  

Until next time, Happy Sewing! 

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