The Best Place to Learn Digital Pattern Drafting: Pattern Workshop

Often times I will hear the question, "How did you learn to make patterns?".  While having over 30 years of sewing experience played a big part into it, I still didn't have a way of doing it easily without paper.  Honestly, I hated drafting with paper that kept rolling up on me and two cats who think that they need to be my paperweights.

Welcome Pattern Workshop by Lauren Dahl! (affiliate link)  I discovered this class not quite a year ago and it has changed everything!  I signed up for the class unsure if it was going to be worth the price, which for my budget was a little steep.  It has been worth every. single. penny.  And then some.

Not only does the course take you through learning the basics of using a vector drawing program and how it is applied to pattern making, there are also lessons about the testing process and how and where to market your patterns.  In addition to that, there is a wonderful Facbook group for class members and alumni.  The Facebook group is a fantastic place to connect with others, ask questions and find encouragement and motivation.  I know that Facebook groups can sometimes be filled with all sorts of "drama" and nonsense, but I promise you, Pattern Workshop is NOT like that.

In the past year I have released two patterns, and I have the third in testing right now.  (Stay tuned for that,  the big release is coming soon!)  I have connected with several other designers and sewists alike and have begun to build a network of friends who have been vital to the success of my patterns.

If you are someone who is interested in pattern design, or maybe you have been on the fence about taking a class, then you are in luck!  Kids Clothes Week blog did a feature on Lauren and the course and for a limited time you can enter to win a spot in the class.  There is also a coupon code listed there if you can't wait and want to jump right in.

So what are you waiting for?

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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