A Year of projects...

So I sat down yesterday and made a list of projects that I either have started and not finished, have bought the materials for and never started, or seriously want to do. How many were there? 33. That is just what I could think of off the top of my head. Some of them won't take much to finish, but some will be big projects. I figure if I can get one done an average of every two weeks, I'll have things caught up by early 2008. That is kind of depressing as I am always seeing new things that I want to try! I need to stay out of the craft and fabric stores! LOL. I was lamenting to my husband just the other evening on my lack of time to devote to my projects. I guess I'd better get busy!

Project #1 Yellow embroidered baby hat. Finished 11/17/06
I'll post pictures later as I intend for this to go with a baby dress that I will be making down the line, hopefully in the spring.

Project #2 Christmas baby doll dress, started two years ago, intended for ebay, but never finished. Hopefully finished this weekend. Gotta go dig out the pieces.

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amandajean said...

hey, 33 isn't so bad! You are in good company!