And the winner is......

Katherine is the winner of my 100th post drawing! I need your address so I can mail your prize to you! You can email me at and let me know where you want it sent! Congratulations! I hope that you have fun creating with the fat quarters!

The craft sale was sort of a wierd thing. There weren't very many people there, but I probably sold more than anyone else at the sale. I made $56.00 which was enough to cover my costs and I now have a few things left to list on Etsy. All in all, a moderate success. They are thinking about doing one again next year, only advertising and organizing it better than this year. This was their first attempt. I think part of our problem was that we were just a little too far away from the main activities in town that day. People weren't going to walk that far just for a craft sale. They are talking about putting together a committee to organize next year's sale. This one wasn't handled in the best manner. I sold 3 pillowcase dresses, two t-shirts and two pairs of Shoe-bead-oos. A good portion of those were all bought by one person, however. :)

I spent the last couple of hours updating websites. I updated our adoption site and I put together a new site for the block swap where I posted pictures of Amanda's beautiful bright quilt. Hopefully this will inspire others in the swap to finish their quilts and people who didn't participate to make thier own bright quilts.


amandajean said...

congratulations to Katherine!

I'm glad that the craft show went as well as it did for you. (I've done a few where I sold one or two items.)

The website for the quilt block swap looks great!!! I can't wait to see all the other quilts completed. Thanks again for organizing such a fun block swap.

Katherine said...

Wow. What a wonderful surprise. Winning has me over the moon! Thanks so much!

Good to hear about the craft show. You're getting experience under your belt, that's for sure. Hope that it just gets better and better for you.

Thanks again - what a treat!