Stash happy :)

I finished what I was making to put in the sewing shop here in town. Made 100% from my stash. It took a little ingenuity, and just sucking it up and using fabric that I had been "saving", but here it is, and I love it! :) Ruffledy bloomers and all.

So since I used my stash fabrics, ehem... as if I used ALL of them or something, LOL. I naturally had to go shopping. I bought a little over 11 yards yesterday. I don't think I used 11 yards in that little dress. :0) I have some specific projects in mind for most of it, though, so... That's ok, right? Yay for 40% off sales at Joann and Crafts Direct!


amandajean said...

love the little outfit-especially the little bloomers-wow!

and hurray for adding to the stash! always lots of fun.

Philigry said...

that is so cute!