In a bit of a funk...

creatively speaking. Do you ever have about eight zillion WIPs and can't seem to find the motivation to finish any of them, and nothing new sounds fun either? Everything I think about trying seems like it will take more brain power than I want to exert at the moment. I've taken several days off from sewing, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm bored with all of my projects, I am bored with the internet and I just can't seem to find the desire to do much of anything in the way of sewing. What do you do to get yourself out of those situations? Here are the blocks for the latest scrap quilt I started.

I played Lego Star Wars (star wars) with my husband last night, which is HIGHLY unusual. I thought maybe a change of pace would be good. It was kind of fun, but lets just say, I'm sure he'd rather play with someone else. I am really bad at video games. I couldn't jump on to this one thing to save my life, and the pod race, well, let's just say that he wound up taking the controller away from me and finishing it by himself or we would have been stuck there all night. Video games are NOT my forte.

I think I'll plant a new plant in my flower bed this evening. My MIL gave me some sedum. Here are a few pix I took of what is blooming in my yard right now.


jason said...

I would not rather play with someone else. I had fun playing with you :)

amandajean said...

my boys would play lego star wars with J. they can't get enough of that game.

I think if you commit yourself to finishing all your "in progress" projects new projects become quite appealing... more so than ever! that's the boat I'm in right now. :)

your scrap squares are so pretty!

Natasha said...

"This to will pass" or so it goes. I have those funks a lot too!! bUT They tend to go away and I find myself tending to what needs to get done...eventually.

I had to laugh at the pod race. Some games I can play and get lost in and others I am just all thumbs!

Your flowers look beautiful btw!