Pattern Progress

Have I mentioned Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop and how great it is?  Oh I have?  Well let me mention it again!  It's fantastic!  I am learning SO much!  Not to mention the Facebook group where I have met a lot of new friends.  We are all learning together and sharing our experiences and expertise.  

I am working on my first PDF pattern.  I hope to be in testing within a couple of months.  Any volunteers out there willing to sign up?  This isn't an official call, but I'm hoping some of you will give some thought to testing the pattern when the time comes.  I promise, it isn't a difficult pattern by any means.  Just a simple little dress in sizes 3months - 8years.  At least that's the size plan for now.  Even novice sewers should have no problem with this pattern.   

I am almost finished with the infant sizes.  Just a few more pieces to draw up and then I will be ready to put some markings and seam allowances on them.  Then on to the bigger sizes.  SO exciting!  

I have also begun working on the illustrations that will go along with the instructions.  Even I am impressed with how professional they look so far.  The illustrations have been pretty easy using Lauren's methods! :)  

I can't wait to finish this pattern up and be able to make it available to you!  
Happy Saturday and Happy Sewing! 


Irene V. said...

Oh, Linda... it looks so good with illustrations... my next one will include them for sure!
Good luck for your pattern, I'm sharing your post so you can find some more testers ;)
Hugs from Italy,

Linda said...

Thank you, Irene! :)

Elisabetta said...

I am here thanks to Irene, my little girl turns 4 next week, so I can apply to your testing range, just let me know if you'd like me to help you ^_^
Congratulations on your first pattern!

Pienkel said...

So great to see the first results of the classes! Looking forward to your finished pattern!

fenna said...

I may be up for testing--depending when it comes, and when this little one comes! :)