Mod Mondays - The Shoulder Tie Dress: Variation 3

Welcome back to our Mod Monday series!  This series features simple modifications that can be made to my easy and free Shoulder Tie Dress pattern.  See the sidebar to the right for the links to the tutorial series.

If you have missed the previous installments of this series you can find them at the links below.
Week 1
Week 2

This week's mod changes the skirt portion of the dress as well as the ties at the neck.

For the ties I simply did two pieces of ribbon which tie at each shoulder instead of a single piece which tied only on one shoulder.

For the skirt portion I changed the construction a bit.  I just took twice the distance across the bottom of the front and back pieces of the bodice and cut a rectangle using that measurement and the finished length of the skirt plus seam allowance and hem allowance.

I changed up the side seams a bit by adding drawstrings.  To do this I simply finished the short edges  and the bottom hem of the skirt pieces before I sewed them together.  I made the seam allowance a little wider than usual to accommodate the ribbon.  I pressed them open and then ran another line of stitching to hold the seam allowance back, parallel to the side seam on each side of the seam. At the bottom I turned the corners under at a 45 degree angle so they wouldn't show below the hem.  This made a casing for the ribbon.  Then I just cut the ribbon a little longer than the side seam, fed them up through the casing and basted them at the waist.

The skirt was then gathered onto the bodice which was constructed just as in the tutorial.

For this little lady I chose a pretty purple print because purple is her favorite color.  I think it is one that she wears well!

Again, this is a very simple mod that really anyone can accomplish.

I hope that you will join us next week for the Mod Monday link party and show off your mod ideas for this pattern!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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