Estherlyn's Jumper on S is for Sewing

All photos are courtesy of Ana Sofia and S is for Sewing

Today I am privileged to be a part of Ana Sofia's S is for Sewing blog. Ana Sofia has written a review of my Estherlyn's Jumper pattern.

I have been following S is for Sewing for quite a while now, and I am always impressed with the beautiful things that Ana Sofia sews for her daughter.  I am truly honored that she would take the time to review my pattern.  I just love this beautiful blue print that she chose and the trims are very pretty as well!

I encourage you to stop by her blog and read the review, but also just spend some time perusing all the lovely posts she has written in the past.  You won't be disappointed.

Join me again Monday for the third variation of the Shoulder Tie Dress Mod Monday series and again the following Monday for the link party to share what you have created.

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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